Devin Walker is a San Diego based entrepreneur, developer and designer.

Devin Walker helps run the show at Thought House and WordImpress. He loves to code, has a knack for design, and has built many successful websites and applications. He leads by doing in San Diego, California.

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Let's build together.



How are customers discovering your business and what can we do to compete in the competitive marketplace online and off?



Experience matters. We've shown our rigor. I'm backed by a design and development team who are less assumptive and more disruptive.



Strategic planning centered around your consumers' intent. We never talk at our customers. We build with them.

From the Blog

I write regularly about code, design & life.

How to Fix a Slow XAMPP or DesktopServer on Windows 8

Posted on Mar 5, 2015 in Coding | No Comments

Experiencing slowness with you Windows 8 system using XAMPP or DesktopServer? Here’s a fix I found that sped me up 5x.

Hey Look, I Contributed to WooCommerce!

Posted on Jan 30, 2015 in WordPress | No Comments

Today I’m proud to announce that I have contributed to WooCommerce 2.3 – read about my pull request and how it helps our plugin Quick Checkout.

My Cat is Blowing Up the Internet!

Posted on Jan 15, 2015 in Humor | No Comments

Ok, well maybe not BLOWING it up. But she has won a contest by Animal Necessity called #fourleggedfriends. Check it out: Post by Devin Walker. See that awesome bio? That was written by yours truly. I’m a self-admitted cat lover. They are just so damn cute and fuzzy. You know what sucks about working it […]

Trust your project in the hands of experts. I'm head of a nimble group of designers and developers whose commitment to quality is unrelenting. Let's start the conversation.

A Few Recommendations

Quotes from Past Clients

Jeran Fraser

Devin helped us create and develop several brand strategies and websites. With his expertise and understanding of various aspects and platforms we were able to accomplish our goals. He far exceeded expectation and we would recommend Devin to anyone.

- Jeran Fraser
Adam Smith

Sound Press is so pleased to have Devin Walker as a development partner. Devin has so many talents such as understanding SEO, he is a master of CSS, and his WordPress prowess is unmatched. With Devin, we are able to provide a higher level of expertise together to clients, and make greater gains in their success.

- Adam Smith
Eric Bach

The Modern Gypsies were a few weeks out from our premier on ABC’s Expedition Impossible and we needed a website, ASAP. Thankfully, worked with us to develop a site before the first episode. Because of his efforts we were able to create a unique website and connect with our fans.

- Eric Bach